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Spending time walking in the deep dark forest is one of my most favourite and calming things I do. I find such peace and clarity comes out of time among those standing giants. So much wisdom being offered. If I am listening. 

The wild jungle of the coastal rainforest, with its towering trunks dressed in moss pajamas, with everything seeming to grow out of everything and yet be in total harmony. So thick with layers of story that the deep silence tells you tales full of wisdom and magic. This is the home of creativity. 

The mountain forest speaks of strength and perseverance that grows from deep within the rocks themselves. Each tree, plant, fungi, and field of alpine wildflowers is there to support each other in growth. Because winter is long and punishing under the weight of the snow and ice, and the summer heat drinks every ounce of water from the dusty soil. Everything needs to work together to survive. It is a beautiful and inspiring relationship, that smells of wild roses and yarrow.  

I believe that humans are meant to spend time in the woods. Just being. Quiet. Feeling connected to something bigger and more spectacular than we will ever be. 

How else will we find answers to our problems, and mental clarity for the relentless stream of daily decisions? Or the strength to smile with kindness at our children, as they yell and tantrum with their outrageous demands? 

When the pressure gets to be too much in my head, I know I need to get out there. I need to step into the gentle embrace of the forest. The smell of the earth filling my head and heart with possibilities. With calm energy. With support. With love. 

The forest always seems to be supporting every part of itself. Things growing as they are meant to grow, things doing what they are meant to do. No second guessing there, just growth. What wonderful wisdom there is to be found in that. 

If I learn to listen with all of my being, will I too grow without creating unnecessary struggle? Without fabricating problems and road blocks that don’t need to be there? 

I hope to see you in the woods,




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