Seasons change, and so do we.

Carson eCommerce Collaborator

Dew hangs heavy in the garden and mist drifts through the forest. Sunflowers droop in the rain. The night air is cold and the moon deep yellow as it rises from the mountains. I grew a pumpkin, two actually. They are tiny and yellow and my children could not be more impressed!

Fall has arrived!!! 

I’m not sure what has happened to the time, and I certainly thought I would have been further along on my list of goals for Wilder at this point. So many plans!!! But what I am learning is to surrender to the ebb and flow of time, and where I can put my energy within that time. It’s not easy for me to do this, as my natural instinct has always been to jump on things and go full steam ahead, don’t look back tunnel vision! One might call it obsessive behaviour I guess. It can be helpful at times, but is just not always a practical approach to life. Sigh.

I have come to realize that my list of goals for Wilder falls juuuuust below my list of chores for me in my regular mom life. I let go of a lot around here when I started Wilder. My house went from being a place for my creative designer to shine, to a bit of a hot mess really! And while I wish I could say that I could do it all, it turns out that I just can’t. Not well anyway. 

So as this season shifts from summer to fall, I am learning to embrace that things sometimes need to go slow. In that slowness comes new dreams, new goals, and for me right now the most important thing - clarity. 

Why do I have a card company? What is my goal for it? Why did I start it, and how do I want it to grow? What are my values as a business owner? How does that relate to me, and my family goals and values? 

Good questions to ask, but something that I never really took the time to think about. Who has the time to actually reflect on what they’re doing in life?! Lol 

Clarity. It makes my heart lighter and my campus truer. 

So gradually (embracing the slowness!!!) I will roll this company out into its best self. I hope you will stick around and see how it comes out! 

With Gratitude,