Wilder took root in 2015 with a simple idea: create beautiful cards for people that love the outdoors. Oh, and each card would have a piece of wood. We started with a small selection of hand painted cards at a few local markets. The response to our simple cards was amazing. In 2016 we decided to 'up our production game'. We bought a printer. Wow, hey!? We can now produce cards a bit faster than the old hand painted days, but we still add a personal touch with each piece of wood (or rock) and a lot of love.


Nature plays an important role in all of our design choices, so we think it's only fair that nature plays an important role in all of our business choices as well. We want you to not only love your outdoor inspired card, but feel good knowing that it was made with ❤ for the outdoors.

Below you can find all of the environmental certifications that come with each Wilder card. The card stock and envelopes we use are 100% recycled and made using 100% renewable energy. The card stock and envelopes are also Processed Chlorine FreeGreen Seal Certified and FSC Certified to meet the mark of responsible forestry. To package our cards we use 100% plant based compostable sleeves and we ship them in recycled cardboard boxes. We want you to feel good giving and receiving a Wilder card knowing we are doing everything we can to help protect the environment.



Gwen, the founder of Wilder, takes inspiration from a childhood spent living on the ocean and an adult life spent exploring the mountains. Gwen grew up on a remote Gulf Island. No electricity. No roads. No ferry. Just an old motorboat and a leaky canoe. This remote existence allowed Gwen to appreciate the simplicity of life, explore nature, and create art. A LOT OF ART. Currently living in the mountain town of Rossland BC, she is surrounded by inspiration both in nature and good friends - although she talks daily about moving our family to a remote Gulf island.

Scotty, the other half of Wilder, grew up playing in the mountains. Skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, you name it. Family holidays were spent camping in the woods and on the lakes around the Kootenays. His father was a master carpenter producing incredibly detailed cabinetry. He didn't know it at the time, but his dad's love for wood had a big impact on his life. Scotty trained as a graphic designer, and now merges his design background with his appreciation for beautiful wood. Thanks dad.


From printing the designs to cutting the wood, we still make all of our cards by hand in Rossland, BC. We will continue to do this, for as long as we can. We will continue to grow our business in a healthy way for ourselves and the environment. We'll play outside more. We'll make more cards. We'll smile. And let's be honest, we'll probably end up on a remote Gulf island. 

Let the good times roll!